Fractal Gravity

Fractal Gravity

Fractal Gravity

I’ve been obsessed with fractals for years and recently it occurred to me that the universe itself could be one giant fractal. This makes a lot of sense because we find fractal behaviour everywhere and at every scale in the universe. Could Gravity be explained by a fractal universe?

What follows is a brain dump of thoughts and observations exploring the Fractal Gravity idea. It doesn’t all make sense but hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

Matthew James Taylor

A starting point

frac·tal [frak-tl]
noun Mathematics, Physics.
a geometrical or physical structure having an irregular or fragmented shape at all scales of measurement between a greatest and smallest scale such that certain mathematical or physical properties of the structure, as the perimeter of a curve or the flow rate in a porous medium, behave as if the dimensions of the structure (fractal dimensions) are greater than the spatial dimensions.

grav·i·ty [grav-i-tee]
noun, plural -ties.
The force that attracts a body toward the centre of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass.

Can Fractal Gravity describe itself?

The theory of everything should also contain itself. A fractal recipe that is constantly building in scale. Survival of the complex.

Complexity is harder to destroy than simplicity. The echoes of complexity continue to live on.

Change trumps constant.

Imperfect repetition trumps repetition.

Matter trumps over void.

Echoes fill the void.

What is complexity?

  • Information
  • Connections
  • Awareness
  • Consciousness
  • One thing affecting another
  • Causation
  • Action at a distance
    • Touching interactions
    • Nearby
    • Further away
    • We cannot know about something if information can’t reach us from it.

The edge of the universe is the limit of our senses!

We can’t imagine what’s outside of our knowledge/senses?

We know more as a society than we ever could as an individual. It’s important that we all explore in our own way and report back to society.

Small and large scale, in every direction.

Planets and their orbits are older than life, so Gravity is more fundamental than life.

Does replication produce Gravity?

Newton’s Gravity operates on the planetary scale.

Einstein’s relativity operates on the solar system scale.

Everything breaks down on the galactic scale.

Heat is more complex than cold. Has more energy.

  • Complexity density.
  • Complexity scale.

Both are the ‘depth of connections’ of a whole complexity. A limit of influence.

We can’t affect individual quarks from this scale, only atoms. Our small limit of influence stops at the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics. And our influence stops at the Earth in larger scales. The only way to affect more than the Earth (eg the whole galaxy) is to team up with other life on other planets and become part of a bigger intelligence complex.

How can Gravity work as a fractal?

Recursion causes Gravity?

Recursion causes complexity.

Gradually more complex things arise from more recursion.

Gravity is weak because it operates on a different scale. Which scale, higher or lower? Lower! More fundamental.

How does recursion cause matter to attract to other matter?

Complexity attracts to complexity (matter is more complex than empty space). Minds attract minds in a world of rocks. They seek each other out. Intelligence is more complex than rock. The void is zero complexity, space has some complexity, air has much more, Earth much more. Intelligent life the most that we know about.

The Earth is growing with complexity on its surface.

Void, energy, light, plasma, gas, solid, radioactive element, void

Life sits exactly in between void and energy at the solid range. In the band of maximum complexity.

void – solid – energy (inward <–> outward in scale?)

‘Solid’ comes naturally to us but ‘void’ and ‘energy’ are more complicated constructs. We are not as familiar with them because they are at different scales.

  • Bands of complexity.
  • Many of one scale make one of a higher scale.
  • Survival of the fittest.
  • Complexity trumps simplicity.
  • Lower scale = simpler, older.
  • Higher scale = complex, newer.
  • Don’t explore the ends, explore the pattern instead.

Learn from the universe.

Learn the pattern from the history Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR). Changes in galaxies over time is a clue.

Complexity is harder to destroy than simplicity. So it is fitter and survives. Survival of the fittest.

Once something is made it cannot be unmade. It becomes an ‘ingredient’ for another new thing.

Universes don’t repeat inside one another. As you increase in scale the result is a ‘similar’ thing just bigger and more complex.

(atom, solar system, galaxy, hypergalaxy?)
‘void’ & ‘universe’:
– artificial end points in scale
void = infinitely small scale
universe = infinitely large scale

Quantum probability, quark, (proton-neutron-electron), atom, solar system, galaxy, galaxy system, galaxy-galaxy, …universe (everything including what we don’t know yet).

Super-dense mass radiates its mass away as energy. Does it have to radiate away?

Void, smaller and smaller things, quarks, (protons-neutrons-electrons), atoms, gas, liquid, solid, radioactive matter, plasma, light, radio waves, cosmic background radiation, gas-energy, solid-energy, void.

The universe becomes an atom in a bigger universe? No. It would be unrecognisable to us? Don’t try to explore the ends – they are never ending. Explore the pattern instead. The central pattern is representational of its larger self. Understand the whole from part of the pattern.

It continues to become part of a bigger thing.

Complexity is a measure of the sphere of influence (in and out) of any one thing. Is Gravity an influence?

You increase complexity by adding more influences – more senses of the outside world.

Super solid black hole?

Light travels fastest through a void and slowest in solid matter. Does it emanate from solid or go into it?

Matter is condensing out of the void and coming together to form gas clouds, gas planets, rocks, asteroids, planets, suns, galaxies, cosmic background radiation, universe?

Complex elements allow for more complex life. Plastic is the next raw material – man made but still a natural thing.

Houses help us survive in hostile environments. To help spread humans (complexity) into less-complex areas.

Cities are more complex and they attract people.

Join matter together to make light. Crumpling into tiny pieces that fly away through the gaps.

Or do you join light together to make matter?!

Why does complexity attract complexity? Is complexity ‘stickier’?

High-complexity is fitter for survival than low-complexity. Thus complexity is always increasing. Evolution is at the heart of a fractal universe (fractal Gravity).

Complexity overcomes simplicity.

Join science and philosophy together. They are the same thing anyway. Philosophy is more rudimentary than science. Science is the complex right hand of philosophy. But new ground is being broken on both fronts.

‘Breaking new ground’ is adding complexity to an environment.

Complexity will always increase over time. Like entropy. Entropy is a measure of complexity. Complexity increases because of evolution. Evolution is a derivative of recursion. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is the equation to a 3D fractal.

Einstein’s theory of Gravity is a special case of fractal Gravity just as Newtons theory of Gravity is a special case of Einstein’s theory of Gravity.

Time is a part of the equation in relativity. Scale is added to fractal Gravity as an infinite changeable value with no end. And time is explained by recursion moving outward in complexity.

Simplicity + recursion = complexity

Simplicity + simplicity = complexity

Recursion IS causation across scale!!!!!

Causation upward in scale?

Causation growing in scale.

‘Free will’ is complexity arising out of simplicity. We really do make a ‘choice’ but it is only based on our knowledge of the universe. The more we know, the greater the choice we have, the greater the appearance of our free will. We choose complexity.

Demonstrate increases in complexity over increasing scales.

Many small things can influence a large thing. Cells influence a body. People influence a country. Countries influence the world. Worlds influence the galaxy and galaxies influence the universe.

Ends of things: (where you need many of them to make the next thing)

  • Atoms
    • Gas (pattern of the thing)
    • solid (more complex pattern)
    • elements
    • compounds
    • genetics
  • planets
    • galaxies
    • universes?

Life is at a higher scale than atoms. The life scale.

Increased things working together = increased SCALE of influence.

Change in scale dose not hide the pattern of the cosmos.

A fractal has no beginning or end of scale. But observe the pattern because it is representational of the larger self.

Band of complexity between two simple bands: atoms and galaxies.

Atoms, life, galaxies.

Complexity bands in scale.

An animation of the rotation of the universe in a fractal pattern.

3D PLUS animated over time!!!

A crucible of a universe tossed around in a cold dusty furnace with a bunch of sparking bits. That’s what the universe is. A free-flowing fractal.

The seed of a 2D fractal is an equation (maths).

What is the seed of a 3d fractal? The physical properties of the bits that make its parts.

A list of physical properties is the best description of the laws of the universe.

Maths can’t explain the 3D fractal like it can with the 2D fractal. Or can it?

Successor to evolution? Something that explains ‘survival of the fittest’ as a special case.

Our senses are limited by our depth and height of scale just as they are by distance both are blockages in information. Relative to a direction. A direction outward in scale. This is the arrow of time!

Information passing through recursion. A remnant of the past. The past right here influencing the present. But the past is distorted and muffled by the recursion process. Just shapes are left behind. Pyramids would be the last things to fade away. Nature eats away at the information because it is rich in food. Information food. Complexity. We are destroying the Earth. But we are making it more complex, better than before. It will never be the same again. Never as simple. Life that lives off plastic will be more evolved than life we see today. Our rubbish dumps are the fertile ground of tomorrow. We should invest in rubbish. It’s the future. Recursion is building from rubbish. Building on intelligence.

Information is blocked by complexity (matter) getting in the way (air molecules muffle sound). Information is ‘details’ about other matter near and far away. The information is everywhere you just need to ‘learn’ how to see.

Information can’t travel faster than light (light is the upper-bound of our perception of scale). The void is the lower-bound of our perception of scale.

Information is a connection. A sense of something else. A surrounding influence. The more info you know, the bigger part of the universe you are connected to.

Complex + simple = greater complexity than complex + complex.

Extremes produce variation.

Life formed on the most complicated planet. Earth. With water, ice, rock, gas, and volcanic activity. No other planet in the solar system has all this. There may be life elsewhere in the universe and it will reflect the complexity from where it came.

Innovation doesn’t happen in the centre or the edge. It’s somewhere in between.

Like the Earth is off centre in the solar system. And our solar system is off centre in the galaxy. Is our galaxy off centre in something else?

Good soil is very complex.

Things take longer at larger scales.

More time = more recursions

Things happen very fast at small scales.

What is complexity? Connections to other things? Consciousness?

From little things big things grow.

Liquid ocean created rain and rivers on Earth. This extra complexity lead to the creation of life. There is no sudden start to life – it is a slow and gradual process from lifeless to intelligent life. A gradual acquisition of senses?

  1. React to surroundings.
  2. Predict surroundings.
  3. Predict others’ predictions.

Did life start small or big? Small.

Earth sized cycle down to small life form cycle.

Life came as tiny seeds of complexity. Building on replication. Imperfect replication.

Imperfection is the cause of complexity.

What part of Earth sprang life? What was it like?

Chemical reactions – ever more complex. Somewhere at the ocean shore near a river. Between the land and the sea. Between fresh and salty water. Between cool and warm temperature. Between opposing extremes. Between day and night.

Chemical reactions that persisted despite the fluctuating extremes became the building blocks of life. Rhythms of repeating extremes built complex patterns out of these chemicals. Aided by the gravitational cycles of the planets, tides, and weather, these became self replicating. Mimicking the natural cycles. Extending the natural cycles. Swimming animals could travel further than the tide.

The cause of Gravity is the cause of life.

Survival of the fittest.
complexity beats simplicity.

How do many atoms form planets?

How do atoms form?

Matter condenses out of the void at all scales?

Why has the Earth grown?

Matter is a crystal forming in the aether. A standing wave?

We can’t see space because its made from things smaller and faster than we can see.

Space blocks out our vision at very long distances.

What we see in the furthest distance is as it was millions of years ago. Our oldest influences. We live in the past. The past surrounds us.

We can’t shut out the past. It guides us. We need to look to the stars.

Our future lies in the stars.

Without the stars the Earth could not turn. It needs a frame of reference.

Gradually our senses will see things further away and smaller in scale and we will feel smaller in comparison.

We are custodians of the Earth.

Bigger and larger things move slower.

Le Sage Pushing Gravity. The past pushes complexity together.

Immerse yourself in fractal Gravity and get to the bottom of it. Explore as far as you can go. Don’t let anyone hold you back. You’ve got nothing to lose and you might discover the secret to the universe.

  • Electromagnetic weak force.
  • Strong force
  • Gravity

They are all connected. The same thing just at different scales?

The idea is crystallising and growing. It’s very interesting.

How will I write this book?
Just explore first and take notes. The rest will fall into place.

Which came first. Matter or Gravity?

Gravity? Did that exist before matter?

Is Gravity just the pressure of smaller scale matter?

Gravity = very small matter.

Gravity is a remnant from the past.

Smaller matter from the past.

It’s what we’re made from.

The Earth must be gaining in mass?

Matter causes other matter to come into being.

Matter is a crystal seed in lower complexity matter.

Many things push some of them together.

The universe is self-descriptive.

We don’t properly consider scales to be an infinite axis in-to-out.

Smaller, faster, older, simpler, more fundamental.

Larger, slower, newer, more complex, higher level.

Gravity, CBR, infrared, light, ultraviolet, plasma, gas, liquid, solid, super dense solids, radio-active material, atoms, proton-neutron-electron, quarks… void.

Increasing density, condensing…
void… quarks, e-n-p, atoms (gas-liquid-solid), planet, solar system, galaxy, galaxy cluster, hypergalaxy.

Increasing scale & complexity…
void… quarks, e-n-p, atoms, planets/stars, solar systems, galaxies, hypergalaxies… CBR.

Increasing age…
CBR, hypergalaxies, galaxies, solar systems, planets, atoms, e-n-p, quarks… void.

Decreasing speed…
radiowaves-light, quarks, e-n-p, atoms, planets, solar systems, galaxies, hypergalaxies, CBR.

‘Made from’ vs ‘lots coming together’.

Everything looks solid from a distance.

At absolute zero atomic movement ceases? Heat is required to transmit information. Greater heat = greater distance.

Objects emit and/or absorb electromagnetic spectrum.

Wavelength the length of the universe IS the universe.

Plank length?

Nuclear decay emits gamma rays.

Evolution drives towards complexity. There is no opposite force that drives towards simplicity.

Evolution = arrow of time?

Evolution is a deep aspect of everything.

The path of least resistance leads to complexity, not simplicity.

Oceans = soil = life.

Edges are blurred:

  • Soil.
  • Grass and trees.
  • Animals.
  • Man-made constructions.

List fractal Gravity’s main points.

Investigate them further

Identify the weak points and strengthen them.

Extend evolution principles right down to physics. survival of the fittest.

Life slows erosion.

Gravity only exists on the large scale. the other fundamental forces exist in the small scale:

  • Electromagnetism.
  • Strong interaction (binds atom nucleus).
  • Weak interaction.


I hope that all makes sense! 😉

You can send comments and suggestions to me at

Fenomene paranormale pe muntele lui Zamolxis

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Salasul zeilor comparat cu Muntele Athos

Geograful antic grec, Strabon, povestea in scrierile sale despre muntele sfânt Kogaion, unde traia marele preot Zamolxis, devenit, mai apoi, zeu suprem al dacilor locuitori pe acele meleaguri.Legenda spune ca Dochia, fiica lui Decebal , a ales drept loc de refugiu din calea romanilor acelasi Ceahlau al zeului Zamolxis. impresurata de ostile imparatului Traian, ea s-a rugat divinitatii si  s-a prefacut in stana de piatra. Stânca Dochiei strajuieste si astazi masivul, fiind considerata de unii cercetatori ca fiind o creatie a mâinii omenesti, asemeni Sfinxului.
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Holograme ciudate si aparitii luminoase inexplicabile

Ceahlaul nu se ridica, nici pe departe, la altitudinea altor piscuri muntoase din România sau din tarile vecine. Cu toate acestea, in mod paradoxal, el este singurul masiv care poate fi vazut de la sute de kilometri departare. in anumite conditii atmosferice si de luminozitate solara, piscurile Ceahlaului se zaresc cu o deosebita claritate de pe tarmul Marii Negre si de pe malurile Nistrului. Gheorghe Asachi scria despre acest fenomen inca din anul 1859: „Corabierul de pe Marea Neagra vede piscul cel inalt al acestui munte, de la Capul Mangaliei si pâna la Cetatea Alba. Locuitorul de pe tarmul Nistrului vede soarele apunând dupa masa acestui munte, iar pastorul nomad, dupa ce si-a iernat turmele sale pe câmpiile Bugeacului, se intoarce catre casa având in vedere vârful Pionului, sau Ceahlaului”. Acesta nu este, insa, singurul lucru uimitor care se leaga de existenta masivului muntos. Pe Ceahlau se petrec an de an, cu regularitate, doua fenomene optice inexplixabile. in prima decada a lunii august, sub lumina rasaritului de soare, umbrele vârfurilor Toaca si Piatra Ciobanului formeaza, timp de peste o ora si jumatate, o holograma naturala imensa, având forma unei piramide perfecte. Din acest motiv, fenomenul a fost denumit Umbra Piramidei. Tot in aceeasi perioada a anului si tot la rasaritul soarelui, deasupra vârfului Toaca se produce un fenomen optic care dureaza doar câteva minute si pe care localnicii l-au numit, inca din vechime, Calea Cerului. Practic, deasupra muntelui se formeaza un stâlp de o luminozitate intensa si stranie, care se pierde in imensitatea cerului si care este marginit pe laturi de doua benzi intunecate. Unii cercetatori ai respectivelor fenomene sunt de parere ca acestea se datoreaza faptului ca prin Ceahlau, respectiv prin vârful Toaca, trece una din axele energetice ale globului pamântesc.

Varful Toaca, o piramida cu baza patrata
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Zona Ceahlaului, vizitata de extraterestri

In vara acestui an, la Trifesti, localitate aflata in zona in care poalele Ceahlaului se pierd pe coame de dealuri, au aparut peste noapte nu mai putin de cinci cercuri perfect trasate pe islaz, sub forma unor inele, fiecare având, cu o regularitate uimitoare, diametrul de 20 de metri si grosimea de 50 de centimetri. Incredintati ca satul lor fusese vizitat de OZN-uri, oamenii locului si-au facut cruce, apoi au chemat autoritatile si specialistii in domeniu. La fata locului au venit reprezentanti ai Agentiei pentru Protectia Mediului si ai organizatiei “Romanian UFO Network”. Acestia au luat probe ale solului ars, au facut masuratori, analize si fotografii, insa nu au reusit sa dea o explicatie plauzibila fenomenului. Faptul a fost catalogat ca inexplicabil, la fel cum au fost, sunt si inca vor fi catalogate toate celelalte fenomene care fac din Ceahlau si din imprejurimile sale un veritabil tarâm al misterelor de nepatruns.